Interview of Eddie Hearn

Interview of Eddie Hearn

The 2020 spring edition of SPORTEL will kick off on 3 March, with a high-level conference day including a keynote panel featuring some of the most important personalities from the world of boxing.

Today’s consumers love navigating life with their mobile device on hand, which creates an opportunity for streaming services like DAZN to deliver high-quality content that is relevant to their passions and available at their fingertips. This trend is not only impacting entertainment but is changing the way boxing fans enjoy the sport.

During this “heavyweight” keynote panel, Oscar De La Hoya, CEO of Golden Boy and Former World Boxing Champion, along with Eddie Hearn, Group Managing Director of Matchroom Sport will discuss how this trend has created an opportunity to connect with new consumers, the importance of social media in marketing events, and the role that boxers play in promoting their own fights and viewing options. Additionally, John Skipper, Executive Chairman of DAZN Group will offer insights into how the viewing experience can be more engaging and what the company is doing to pioneer sports streaming. On this occasion, we asked Eddie Hearn some questions for further insights.

How do yourself and Matchroom Boxing see the future of boxing?

Boxing is in a good place while interest from broadcasters continues to exist but ultimately we must keep making the match ups that will engage the fans. As much as the quality and style match ups are important, so to is the narrative that can be told both by the promoter and by the creation of quality content and shoulder programming for each event. For me, this creation is as key to the future as the fights themselves. Boxing is so exciting but the stories are compelling and must be told.

How is OTT streaming through the partnership with DAZN, enabling Matchroom to bring your fights to a wider audience and become more engaging for fans?

With DAZN you have seen the creation of an unrivalled schedule for boxing in the U.S. Whilst the option of watching on a big screen still exists, fans can now stream live events on the go through their devices - a common trend and preferred option for the younger generation of sports fans. From a scheduling perspective we don’t have the restrictions a linear partner can bring and therefore can broadcast more fights giving our younger emerging talent continued global exposure. With our international schedule, together we have built the ultimate destination for fight fans.

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The 2020 spring edition of SPORTEL will kick off on 3 March, with a high-level conference day including a keynote panel featuring some of the most important…

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